Barnsdall Art Park – A City Treasure

DISCLAIMER: EnrichLA is a 501-C3 Non Profit. Text and images have not been supplied to the O’Grady campaign by the Non-Profit EnrichLA.  Mention of EnrichLA and how proud Tomas is of it should be not be construed as an endorsement by EnrichLA.     Barnsdall Art Park is truly a gem for our city.  Donated to the City of Los Angeles in 1927 by Aline Barnsdall, she had great ideas of how this beautiful park would become a centerpiece of art appreciation.  She envisioned art and theater workshops, outdoor performances, and a place where families could come and enjoy the creative spirit of the city.  The intention was to maintain an active arts center for the community. Barnsdall Whilst Barnsdall Art Park is an official park with opening and closing times, these posted times are largely ignored.  The result is that people sleep overnight in the park, leaving their trash behind.  It is not un-common for kids to come up for art classes only to discover syringes and other items. 20140730_094827-960x540 Through EnrichLA Tomas led a volunteer clean-up day at Barnsdall.  Trash was picked up, graffiti was covered, and walkways and stairs were steam pressure washed, removing gum and grime.

A Volunteer Cheerfully Pressure Washing The Walkways at Barnsdall


Trash Removed, Pathways Mulched, and Graffiti Covered

While community events such as these demonstrate the care and consideration that people have for this park, the lack of security allows for an ongoing problem.  Together with Sodder Studio, Tomas developed a security plan to ensure this historic and valuable park thrives.   BARNSDALE-PARK-ELEV1-640x960   BARNSDALE-PARK1-640x960