Hyperion Bridge – We Can Build A Better Bridge

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The bridge connecting Atwater Village to Silver Lake – the “Glendale-Hyperion Bridge” – is being renovated.  The city has presented 3 options for redoing this bridge – only one of which (Option 3), includes sidewalks and bike lanes on both sides of the street.

It seems odd that we would have to fight for sidewalks on both sides of this bridge.  This is a busy street connecting two very vibrant communities.  Students walk across this bridge to get to and from school each day.  When soliciting signatures in support of option 3, countless parents told us of their fears of having their children cross this bridge due to the inconsistent sidewalks and the speed of vehicles.  Pedestrians cross this bridge frequenting the diverse local businesses.  This is a favorite bridge for local cyclists. Future generations will be relying more and more on forms of transportation other than vehicles.  Why wouldn’t we take this opportunity to create a bridge that will be functional for decades to come?  That our children and our children’s children can enjoy?Hyp slide show