Leading by example

I committed to cutting my salary in half when I ran in 2011. I recommitted to cutting my salary in half at the launch event in September 2014. Los Angeles has the highest paid Council Members in the nation and frankly I think that $90,000 is a decent and fair salary for a public servant. I think the current salary of $180,000 is inappropriate. There is a huge gap between the median income of constituents and the salaries of their elected representatives. I believe the smaller that gap is, the better the decision-making will be.
This should not be confused with wealthy people working for a dollar a year.
We are not wealthy, we simply live as frugally as we possibly can. I still have my 1997 Honda CR-V.
It almost seems impossible for someone to be making $200,000 per year to have any credibility at all in encouraging a custodian who makes a quarter of that to contribute more towards his or her retirement and healthcare.
I have yet to see any evidence that paying politicians high salaries results in the attraction of better talent.

In any event, the privilege of being an elected representative in this city should more than make up for any perceived salary discount.
I note that both Caroline Ramsey and Sheila Irani have joined me in this pledge.


Judy Murray. A teacher a Franklin Elementary in Los Feliz.

"O'Grady, seems incapable of burnout." - LA TIMES

Dorothy Reik at the Stonewall Democratic club meeting.