To my supporters - I cannot thank you enough!

Below are some kind words from just a few of the wonderful people who have donated, volunteered, or pledged their support for my campaign!

Liz McAllisterFormer Program Director, EnrichLA
His energy and his enthusiasm and zest for life and for doing good work is unparalleled by anyone I have ever met.
Clare Carey
He is a practical problem solver who will fight for citizens, for schools, and for the environment. NOT your typical politician.
Nina Martin Del CampoCasita Del Campo
He has been working with the kids for years.  He helps people to learn more than just what you can find in books.  He encourages people to eat well, to plant, to be able to sustain themselves - incredible.
Elias M. Saade
I really believe in what you are doing for our city. It's a great city with a lot of bureaucracy and I believe you are going to make a difference. I've had my fair share in dealing with government bureaucracy both on the city housing and federal level.. We need a change.  You have our support
Judy MurrayTeacher, Franklin Ave. Elementary
He’s that person I can count on.  I think he is an example to others.

Justine Gvirtzman, Los Angeles Police Officer and Tomas O'Grady Supporter

"My name is Justine Gvirtzman; I am a proud Los Angeles Police Officer and a proud volunteer for the Tomas O’Grady campaign. I have known Tomas for many years, and over this time, I have watched with amazement as to how much this man has given to the city of Los Angeles.

As a member of the LGBT community, I could not be more pleased with his recommendation for endorsement by the Stonewall Democrats, and I will be there in West Hollywood tonight to help him secure that endorsement.

On a personal note, I was saddened to see that this race has already turned negative. A comment by Tomas that he doesn’t like the dark color of the LAPD uniforms and that he finds the color intimidating is just that – his personal opinion about the uniforms- not about us, the Police Officers, as the negative campaign ad of another candidate would suggest. I actually disagree with Tomas about our uniforms, but we can disagree without being disagreeable.

I encourage you to visit to learn about a man who I believe to be one of the most compassionate in this city."
*All references to LAPD are for informational purposes and only represent the opinions of the persons named.


Rachel Farabaugh
I think the work you're doing is fantastic, admirable and much needed. Thank you for being a leader in the community and taking action where it is most needed!
Nina Martin Del CampoCasita Del Campo
He is the best for the community!  He has worked so hard for so many years; he's a doer.  We need him, we love him!
Judy MurrayTeacher, Franklin Ave. Elementary

He’s rallied a lot of people to see that we, as parents, can really make improvements in our schools.  It’s not that we are powerless and have to just wait till the higher ups and the bureaucracy say that you can do that. 

Steve BarrFounder, Green Dot Public Schools
I support Tomas for his vision on education, our environment, and his balanced view on growth...but I really love his Animo!  In a city of talkers, Tomas is a doer.  And look out if you get in his way!
Lisabeth Pollyea Katz
You stand for everything I believe in and that's important to our community. Thanks for being so amazing and fighting so hard for what you believe in. Wishing you the best!
Tony FischTony Fisch Consulting
The line "Leading by Example" is a reality with Tomas O'Grady.  The only C4 candidate stepping up to help C4 residents NOW.

" I have lived in this district for 15 years. This past 4 years have been a nightmare for our community as our public safety has been put at great risk. Our current Council-member refused to help us. Tomas O'Grady stepped in and in two weeks developed a plan to remediate traffic, illegal parking, and helped develop a long term plan that the city is adopting. In fact, Tomas went with us to City Hall to meet with the Deputy Chief of LAFD. Tomas's support, personal care and creative thinking gives me hope that Los Angeles can be fixed. Tomas is the only viable candidate living in this district that is not influenced by development money, nor has Tomas come out of, or worked for, the second most corrupt city government in the United States, as was cited in a study done by the University of Illinois in 2012. No other candidate can say this, or matches up"

"We believe building community and a sense of belonging is what makes people truly happy. Tomas has been doing that for years before us and that makes us truly happy." 

Renae Plant & Livinio Stuyck
Camelot Kids