LA has the highest paid Council Members in the nation, whose salaries are $180,000. I will start by halving mine. Only if our leaders are fiscally responsible can they ask our city family to contribute more towards their retirement and to embrace innovative workplace practices.


A council member has a 20 person staff, 8 cars and $1M in discretionary funds. I will use my own car and I will switch to some part time staff hired from our neighborhoods. They will ensure that local concerns about development are heard loud and clear at city hall. 


Of the DWP’s 10,000+ workforce, 60% of them take home over $100,000 per year. This is unsustainable. The average LA driver spends $832 per year (71% more than the average American) on car repairs due to poor streets while the Bureau of Street Services spends over 43% of its salary costs on administration. I will do better.


Our DWP solar program is mired in delays, while Germany presently produces half of its energy from solar. We can do better! As we rebuild our crumbling streets, I will ensure we use smart swale design practices to capture rainwater to replenish our aquifers instead of polluting the ocean.


I have a track record and built in self-interest. Our four children attend LA public schools. I will create an education desk staffed with parent volunteers. We will partner with our schools to attract grant funding, stimulate parent involvement, and build private-public partnerships.


Huge development projects are ruining our neighborhoods, and City Hall is giving away the store with variances and loopholes. I am completely independent. I receive no contributions from developers or unions. I worked with both the developer and neighbors on pastoral Fredonia Drive to create a design that fit with the street. Everyone was happy!