DISCLAIMER: EnrichLA is a 501-C3 Non Profit. Text and images have not been supplied to the O’Grady campaign by the Non-Profit EnrichLA.  Mention of EnrichLA and how proud Tomas is of it should be not be construed as an endorsement by EnrichLA.     EnrichLA was established in 2011 after Co-Founder and Executive Director Tomas O’Grady installed and managed a school garden at his local middle school, Thomas Starr King Middle School.  When he saw the immeasurable benefits the garden had on the school campus and the community as a whole, Tomas set out to build “A Garden in Every School.” 18by32e   Tomas was inspired to create the non-profit with landscape architect and fellow environmentalist Leonardo Chalupowicz after witnessing firsthand the effect an edible garden had on the educational environment. The experience moved the duo to begin brainstorming ways they could expand the project to help other schools. 3.-Gardens-3   To-date, EnrichLA has built over 60 school gardens throughout Los Angeles, most located in underprivileged communities. These school gardens offer children access to an outdoor green space where they can learn, play, and grow in their neighborhoods. 20140722_145415_20   These gardens cheer up campuses, encourage community involvement, act as outdoor classrooms, and promote environmental stewardship. Garden Ranger Program EnrichLA offers an unprecedented garden education unit called the Garden Ranger Program.  This program offers weekly, interdisciplinary, garden-based education to students in grades Pre-K to 12.  The Garden Ranger Program is Currently offered at over 20 school sites across Los Angeles. Through this program, students plant seeds and seedlings within their own schoolyard.  Once ready to harvest, students then prepare healthy snacks in their outdoor kitchen.  These gardens help students develop a positive attitude towards fresh-healthy produce and increase consumption of these foods. Learn more