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LA TIMES | Do parents let school districts off the hook by paying for basics? | Steve Lopez | 6 |10 | 2014 I’ve known the indefatigable O’Grady since our kids went to preschool together, and he’s always been a guy who did the hard work while others were standing back complaining about politics and bureaucracy.    TEDx|  Tomas O’Grady at TEDxLoyolaMarymountU | It’s the adults stupid!| 6 |5| 2014 Tomas O’Grady, Founder of Enrich LA. His talk, “A Garden in Every Los Angeles School,” goes way beyond just having gardens in schools, but discusses all the amazing possibilities there are for education and growth.   LA TIMES | To change the L.A. City Council | 2 |27 | 2011 …O’Grady’s background in business, devotion to environmental issues and hard work as an activist in L.A. Unified schools make him the most appealing alternative to LaBonge.  The Times endorses O’Grady.   89.3 KPCC – OFF RAMP| Can LA have a High Line? Off-Ramp for February 22, 2014  | JOHN RABE| 2 |20| 2014  It’s actually Monument 908,” says Tomas O’Grady, who runs EnrichLA, part of the multi-group coalition calling for the old bridge to be repurposed. The coalition includes architect Kevin Mulcahy, Los Angeles Walks, and several neighborhood councils.   LA TIMES |A Palos Verdes Estates garden aims to help kids dig veggies| Martha Groves | 9 |16 | 2012 Fourteen months ago, in an effort to give back to the society that enriched him, he started Enrich LA. The nonprofit group’s mission is to establish school gardens, primarily in low-income areas. The aim is to help youngsters learn about where food comes from and about environmental stewardship, conservation and nutrition. Enrich LA gardens demonstrate that “home-grown” can be as tasty as burgers and fries.

EcoChixSpeak | Inspired by the “alternative tomorrow” that O’Grady can see | Tenaya Wallace | 10 |1 | 2014

Because that is the goal of a doer, a reformer, an activist. To disrupt a stagnant system. To crack open the ground of inefficiency. To cause transformation. That is the real goal for a man like O’Grady, and apparently it’s working.